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What is Sex-based Biology?

Sex-based biology is the study of biological and physiological differences between men and women.

Scientists have long known of the anatomical differences between the sexes, but only within the past decade have they begun to uncover significant biological and physiological differences between the sexes. Sex differences have been found everywhere from the composition of bone matter and the experience of pain to the metabolism of certain drugs and the rate of neurotransmitter synthesis in the brain.

Sex-based biology has revolutionized the way that the scientific community views the sexes. The evidence is overwhelming, and as researchers continue to find more and more biological differences, they are gaining a greater understanding of the biological and physiological composition of both sexes.

An April 2001 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, "Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health," confirmed that differences between the sexes exist in the prevalence and severity of a broad range of diseases, disorders and conditions.

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