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SWHR Meetings and Events

Congressional Briefings
SWHR regularly holds briefings on a variety of women's health and research-related subjects. These briefings are attended by Congressional staff, federal agency personnel, advocacy group representatives and others and serve to educate attendees about issues important to women's health. Past briefings have been on topics such as lung cancer, oral health, and stroke.

Annual CAC Meetings
The Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) meets annually with SWHR representatives and other essential decision-makers to discuss issues that affect research on women's health. Additional opportunity for dialogue on specific government relations and communication issues affecting women's health research is provided through CAC sub-committees that meet frequently throughout the year.

X Conferences
SWHR holds "What a Difference an X Makes" scientific conferences annually to highlight advances in and the future of sex differences research in health and disease.

Sex and Gene Expression Meetings (SAGE)
At the annual SAGE conferences, scientists and researchers explored the frontiers of how biological sex influences the expression of genetic information throughout life.

Scientific Advisory Meetings (SAM)
The SAM meetings were held in response to the April 2001 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, "Exploring the Biological Contributions to Human Health: Does Sex Matter?"

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