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SWHR Publications

In addition to constant media outreach, SWHR communicates with the general public, researchers and the academic community through a variety of publications, including books, self published reports and peer-reviewed journal articles as part of our broad effort to advance the health of all women through science, advocacy, and education. Our official journal is the Journal of Women's Health.

SWHR Review Newsletter


SWHR Books, Book Chapters and Pamphlets

  • Goertzen I, Stone S. The Society for Women's Health Research: using evidence-based policy to improve health. In: Mason DJ, Leavitt JK, Chaffee MW. Policy & politics in nursing and health care, 6th ed. St. Louis: Saunders; 2012. Chapter 43, p. 336-40.
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  • Greenberger P, Wider J, eds. The savvy woman patient: how and why sex differences affect your health. Herndon: Society for Women's Health Research; 2006. p. 1-366.
    Resource book for consumers.
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  • Marts SA, Keitt S. A historical overview of advocacy for research in sex-based biology. In: Bittar EE, Miller VM, Hay M, eds. Advances in molecular and cell biology: principles of sex-based differences in physiology, vol. 34. Amsterdam: Elsevier B.V.; 2004. Forward, p. v-1.
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  • SWHR. Just the facts: what women need to know about sex differences in health. 2004:1-56.
    Resource booklet for consumers.
  • SWHR. Just the facts: sex-based biology. 2004.
    Resource booklet for professionals and those interested in science.

SWHR News Service Articles

The Women's Health Research News Service specializes in content and resources on the latest research findings on sex differences. The articles cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from Parkinson’s disease to skin cancer to AIDS. Sign-up to receive the free biweekly articles.

SWHR in Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Clemow D, Dewulf L, Michaels D, Nolan M, Cantrell S, Kogelnik A, Koren G, Mikita J.  A Proposed Framework to Address Needs of Clinical Data for Informed Medication Use in Pregnancy.  Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science.  2014 Apr; 48(2): 145-154.  Read the article.
  • Clemow D, Dewulf L, Michaels D, Nolan M, Cantrell S, Kogelnik A, Koren G, Mikita J.  Clinical Data for Informed Medication Use in Pregnancy: Strengths, Limitations, Gaps, and a Need to Continue Moving Forward.  Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science.  2014 Apr; 48(2): 134-144.  Read the article.
  • Carter CL, Resnick EM, Mallampalli M, Kalbarczyk A. Sex and Gender Differences in Alzheimer's Disease: Recommendations for Future Research. J Womens Health. 2012 Oct;21(10):1-6.
  • Read the article
  • Resnick EM, Mallampalli M, Carter CL. Current Challenges in Female Veterans' Health. J Womens Health. 2012 Sept;21(9)895-900.
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  • Coakley M, Fadiran EO, Parrish LJ, Griffith RA, Weiss E, Carter C. Dialogues on Diversifying Clinical Trials: Successful Strategies for Engaging Women and Minorities in Clinical Trials. J Womens Health. 2012 July 2;21(7):713-716.
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  • Miller VM. Sex differences in cardiovascular disease. Sexuality, Reprod & Menopause. 2011 Aug;9(3):21-28.
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SWHR Published Reports

  • SWHR, WomenHeart. 2011 10Q report: advancing women’s heart health through improved research, diagnosis and treatment. 2011 Jun:1-17.
    Society for Women’s Health Research/WomenHeart report on gaps that still remain in heart disease research in women.
    Read the report
  • SWHR. PTSD in women returning from combat: future directions in research and service delivery. 2008:1-16.
    White paper following the 2008 Conference.
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  • Keitt SK, Resnick EM, Simon VR, Iskikian SO, Marts SA. Behavior and obesity in women across the life span: a report by the Society for Women’s Health Research. J Investig Med. 2008 Aug;56(6):830-42.
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SWHR Interdisciplinary Networks' Publications

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  • Some Things Only a Woman Can Do Educational Kit
    This is an educational kit designed to inform women about the importance of participating in medical research. The kit includes an indepth booklet on medical research, a bookmark listing sex differences in various diseases, a useful card of questions to ask when considering enrollment in a trial, and resources to contact for more information on clinical trials.
    Contact info@swhr.org to order this brochure.
  • Talk IBS Brochure
    This brochure answers questions about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and contains a questionnaire that will help you discuss IBS symptoms with your doctor.
    Contact info@swhr.org to order this brochure.

SWHR Past Newsletter

SWHR used to publish a quarterly newsletter called, “Sexx Matters,” which covered SWHR's recent activities and research news related to women’s health.

Archived Videos

  • Get Real: Straight Talk about Women's Health
    An award-winning collection of true stories of women who have each struggled with health and lifestyle issues. The women speak candidly of their personal experiences with alcohol, sexuality, eating disorders, violence, breast cancer and osteoporosis. Accompanied by a comprehensive facilitator's guide, the video is a powerful tool to provoke discussion among young women ages 15-24 on these important subjects. (Run time, 27 minutes; 1995) [Out of Print]
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