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  • I love everything about Enago’s package service. I used their EasyGo pack which helped me submit my paper very fast. Their client servicing staff was very helpful and understanding, and all of this for an affordable fee. They helped me improve my manuscript greatly. Thank you Enago for the helpful service.

    Ikue Shamoto
  • I fully admire and trust Enago’s reputation and quality. I especially chose Enago’s packages as no other company offers such a service. Enago editors are extremely trustworthy and I even tell my colleagues and students to use their service. Their service quality and timely delivery is very helpful in meeting journal deadlines. I am glad that Enago offers packages at affordable price.

    Jikei University School of Medicine
    Tomokazu Shohji
  • I am a student, with minimum publication experience. I choose Enago and used their EasyGo pack. I was surprised with the quality of editing they delivered. The best part was that their submission service was extremely smooth and I they helped me submit my paper well within the deadline. I am grateful to Enago for their effort.

    Grad. Student (Master's Course)
    Naomi Sugawara

Journal Selection Get a Quote

  • Enago’s journal selection report is very informative and helped me in picking the best journal. All details to make this important decision were given to me. In addition, their customer service was smooth. I will order again!

    T. Y.
  • My urgency to submit to a journal was very high. I did not know what journal to submit to which will accept my paper soon enough. Enago helped my find journals that have fast publication cycles.

    Haruka Fujinami
  • I was looking for journals that are indexed in SCI, index medicus etc. and that will have high chances of accepting my paper. I would like to thank Enago’s publication support services in assisting me to select the most appropriate Journal for my manuscript. My instructions about the kind of journals I wished to focus on were taken well into consideration by Enago’s reviewer...jou

    A. O.

Pre-Submission Peer Review Get a Quote

  • I was initially scared after I received the peer review report. There were a lot of changes suggested. It felt as if I might have to rewrite a lot. But once I actually made the changes, the result was brilliant. It actually got published in my intended journal!

    Professor - at Juntendo University
  • I am very impressed with Enago’s report. All at one place, it gave a lot of insights in improving my paper. Also, one more thing that was great about it was that it was written in simple English so I could understand it very well and I could make most changes suggested.

    Professor - at Aomori Prefectural University of Health
  • I feel it is very important to take outsider opinion and critical comments to make your manuscript rejection resistant. Hence, I chose the peer-review service offered by them which was excellent. I was surprised by the number and quality of comments that I received. Although I did take some time to incorporate all the suggestions, it was well worth the time! Thanks.

    Senior Researcher
    S. S.

Journal Submission Get a Quote

  • Enago allocated an expert to do the submission work for me. The communication was very smooth. I was surprised that the submission process was completed with 2 days. I appreciate Enago manager for his good work.

    D. S
  • I found out first hand that submitting to an international journal is very difficult. They have a lot of instructions and paperwork to be done. I didn’t have that much time and I could not understand some of the requirements. So I took Enago’s help. They submitted my document successfully by completing all formalities themselves. I had a great experience using their service.

    Y. K.

Revised/Rejected Paper Editing Get a Quote

  • I had no idea how to reply to reviewer comments. Thanks to your reviewer though who helped me with replying to reviewer comments and revising text to reviewers’ satisfaction. I appreciate it very much that you revised my manuscript so well. The expert helped me revise the entire paper and elaborated on my answers to reviewers. I am very happy!

    T. K.
  • I had faced many rejections before I came to Enago! A subject expert helped me rewrite my manuscript and made sure all aspects such as were meeting reviewer requirements. I saved a lot of time and effort using. Thank you Enago!

    Y. O.
  • I received about 30 comments from reviewers. I had no idea what to do and how to answer the reviewers. I choose Enago’s services and they took care of all the needs. After the two rounds that are provided in this service, my document was made very smooth. Recommended!

    H. O.

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